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Decoration tips to make this Diwali more Beautiful

Diwali is around the corner and being the most awaited festival in India, everybody is waiting for it to lighten up not only their homes but lives as well. While all the men are looking forward to the holiday, all the ladies are busy decorating their homes. Here are some awesome tips to decorate your home in a spectacular way this Diwali.

1. Rangoli :

diwali tips for decoration - rangoli

In India, drawing Rangoli at the threshold of the footstep is integral to Diwali Decoration. Vibrant colors, flowers, and even cereals are used to draw Rangoli interwoven with colors. Use a wet chalk to draw the design beforehand or use poster colors if you have kids at home. For ladies who are not that creative can visit the market before peak Diwali time for beautiful Rangoli stickers or stencils for amazing designs that will bring life to their home within few minutes. Place earthen divas on the Rangoli design, after all, Diwali is the festival of lights!

2.Entrance :

Give Goddess Laxmi and your guests a warm welcome by decorating the entrance door with beautiful Toran/Bandhanwars. These will not only add a festive charm but will adorn the entrance very well. You can make your own piece of Toran/Bandhanwar with bells, ribbons, mirrors, flowers, decorative hangings, and embroidered elements to give your home a personal touch

3.Centerpieces :

Imbibe the ethnic feel in your foyer area by placing a magnificent statue of Lord Ganesha to welcome your guests, don’t worry if you don’t have much space in the foyer, an impressive decorative lantern hanging in the middle of foyer will also do the trick. Adorn the Interior Design of your drawing room or living room with scented floating candles with marigold flowers in a clear bowl or put some ordinary candles in a decorate earthen vase surrounded by divas for a special look. Using a bright colored runner over the table will not only add to the look but will absorb any oil spilling from Diyas too.

4.Flower Decoration :

Flowers not only bring freshness to your home but add up bright hues and a festive feel.

You can bring positive and fresh aroma into your rooms by making scented floating candle centerpieces. Scented floating candle can be made by gathering your favorite scents, such as mint, lemon, or rosemary into a jar. Some aromatic oil also can be added to make the smell divine. Decorate railing, doors with garlands or make a Rangoli with flowers.

Use flowers in a different way, take cylindrical glasses filled with water and add a vibrant hues flower say orchid and place a floating candle to create a magical look. You can also add flowers around Diyas to give them a special treatment.

5.Diyas and Candles :

This Diwali, do something different by coloring earthen Diyas with bright acrylic colors and small cut mirrors or stones. You can also make your own Diyas with ceramic clay in different shapes and colors to add to your Diwali Decoration. Wide varieties of decorative candles are available in the market scented candles, floating candles but this time, decorate some candles on your own. Use ribbons, flowers or decorative holders to create a majestic look.

6.Wall Hangings: 

Instead of just placing Diyas on the floor, buy Diya holders in different patterns and hang at different parts of your home. Several string wall hangings are available in market at peak Diwali time which can be hanged on both sides of the door for ethnicity and bright look. Buy paper lanterns or decorative wall hangings with “Shubh Labh”, “Shubh Deepawali” to add that special festive charm to your Diwali Decoration.

7.Decorative Lamps :

For an exquisite layer of lighting in your home on this special festival, use decorative lamps and lanterns. If you have a garden, use fairy lights to create a mesmerizing look. Paper lanterns in different colors and patterns will light up your home in an amazing way. According to expert luxury interior designers at Elegancia, place lamps in every room matching the room’s theme or hang them in the garden in an interesting way.

8.Pooja Ghar :

elegancia diwali post

What is all this Diwali Decoration meant for? To please goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha and so the Pooja room should be all lit up and decorated in a splendid way. Use flowers garlands, decorative Diyas, candles, and bright lighting to illuminate the Pooja room. Place string wall hangings, bells and Torans/Bandhanwars on the Pooja room’s door. Try to create a traditional ambiance with a small Rangoli design, this time use flowers instead of colors.

9.Electronic Bulbs :

elegancia diwali decoration

Electric bulbs are the soul of this festival. Why not go out of the league this Diwali and use electronic globe bulbs on edges on your home, rope lights on the railings, drop lights falling on the home and colorful LED lights in neon colors. And for the ladies having little kids at home, top interior designers in India suggest using electronic Diyas and candles that operate on batteries, they not only look beautiful but are safe for the kids too.

10.Do it yourself :

It is not necessary to always loosen your pocket for exclusive decorative items on Diwali.Making something of your own will not only add a personal touch but will be pocket-friendly too. Put your old bottles to use and place candles in them, decorate them with ribbons for an amazing look or take thick small candles and surround them with cinnamon sticks for aroma, light, and beauty.

We hope these tips will help you decorate your home in an exclusive way to bring wealth and prosperity this Diwali. ELEGANCIA with its expert interior designers wishes one and all a very happy Diwali!