Gangurde Residential

Client Name: Vilas Gangurde

Place: Mahatma Nagar, Nashik

Category: Residential

The client wanted to renovate his 2bhk apartment. He was fed up with his old decor and he wanted to recreate his home with modern aspects of design. The client wanted a few things in the home according to ‘vastu-shshtra’ and although there was an amazing view just outside their house, the house windows could not get sufficient light inside.

Our Solutions

To make anyone who enters the home feel fresh and peaceful, we used the bohemian theme for their residence which has more colourful elements. We increased the size of windows to allow more light to come inside of the house and we also renovated their balcony by adding a sit-out to enjoy the outdoor view. We used their old Indian sitting and modified it to a multi-utility space. We were also inclined to reuse material of old stuff to recreate new furniture.