Bohemian style interior – Considering an Interior Design Style for your home, office, or business can be a daunting task for those that like to “think outside the box” in terms of decorating. Choosing to use a Bohemian Interior Design will allow you to stray in a direction that is a bit out of the norm, and not nearly as rigid or scripted as other designing styles may be.


Although there are no rules when it comes to Interior Design, there are many different styles that have certain guidelines, suggestions, and recommendations that are implemented in order for you to achieve that particular style. However, with the Bohemian interior design style, you have more liberty to adjust certain recommendations to meet your own unique style, taste, and personality.

The Bohemian Influence

The word Bohemian has been around for a very long time. Originally, it was used to described non-traditional lifestyles of people who appeared to wanderers or vagabonds back in the mid-1800’s. It was also associated with those who were considered as “anti-establishment” or non-conforming to the current day social or political viewpoints. Later, the term became to be synonymous with the word “gypsy” – as it was applied to those who left Bohemia in Central Europe to escape the rigid rules imposed upon them for a life of travel and unconventional living.

Bohemian Influenced Corner

When applying a Bohemian Interior Design, you are engaging in a design that is meant to break the rules and adhere to your own way of decorating – which makes this design style a very easy one to accomplish. However, as with any design, mistakes can be made that will counteract your plans. To truly experience this style the way it’s meant to be, choose to utilize the services of a professional Bohemian Interior Designer who can take all the guesswork out of it for you and still deliver the reckless abandon your heart desires.

Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian Interior Design with a Little Whimsy Throw In For Good Measure

How To Achieve a Bohemian Interior Design Style

    • Stand Out From The Crowd:
      Your personality will play a huge role in expressing this style within your home. If a Traditional Interior Design has no appeal to you, you will love being able to interject your artistic side into this bohemian interior design and explore a style that results in the “unexpected”.
    • Keep It “Busy”:
      If you are thinking you would like a nice and neat, totally organized, streamlined, symmetrical foundation for your furnishings and accessories – then turn around and run from the Bohemian style of decorating! You’d probably enjoy more of a Mission Interior Design with it’s disciplinary style of decor – as a Bohemian interior design is the exact opposite as the decor is quite busy and seemingly random.
    • Don’t Hold Anything Back:
      When considering what objects or accessories to use, don’t hold anything back. More is more, in this case. Jump right in with decorative items such as candles, paintings, artwork, souvenirs, photos, and other Eclectic things that bring you joy. With this particular bohemian interior design style, you can pile to your heart’s delight … and if you change your mind, you can always take a step back.
    • Bare Spots Not Allowed:
      See an empty corner? Fill it. Bare spot on your wall? Cover it. Consider using throws on naked furniture pieces, wall hangings on bare walls, or antiques for displaying out and about. Scour your basement and attic for hidden treasures, or head down to the Flea Market or second-hand store to bring home some new ones.This is one of the keys to bohemian interior design.
    • Have Fun With It!:
      Choose furniture pieces that tell a story – your Grandma’s old rocker, your Aunt Iris’ hand-me-down footstool, a sofa that you have saved from your college days. If it has to mean, personality, charisma, or a story that bears repeating, use it. What about the arrangement? What about it?! Anything goes. Have fun with bohemian interior design style!
    • Be Reckless … But Keep It Tasteful:
      Easier said than done? No, not really. You can mix and match furniture and accessories to your heart’s content, however – if it looks like you’ve just thrown up your arms and tossed everything into one big pile in the living room, then you’ll need to back up and gingerly allow a little rhyme and reason to show through. While the idea of “throwing everything together” sounds simple enough, if not careful your design will simply be referred to as chaotic. Again, another reason as to Why You Should Hire a Professional Interior Designer to do a bohemian interior design.

Bohemian Kitchen Style

Bohemian Kitchen Style

Your Style, Your Way

A Bohemian Interior Design Style is sometimes exactly what your heart calls for when you no longer want to play by the rules with a particular design style. So what if your lamps aren’t aligned perfectly side by side and in perfect unison? Who cares if your Window Treatments don’t match your sofa? Why can’t you accessorize every inch of your home? Who said blue doesn’t go with mauve? If you ask yourself those questions, then you are the perfect candidate for a Bohemian Interior Design.

Bohemian Library Design

Bohemian Library Design


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